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31.03.2021 News

Recycled labels of PET-bottles

The best way to make your brand more sustainable with only one small step. Take this step and choose a sustainable label, or make your sustainable product complete with a sustainable label as finishing touch. 

NewLife yarns

NewLife yarns, the name says it all: a material that gets a second life. By using material that's already made less water, CO2 and energy is consumed. This makes the yarn, that is 100% made in Italy, a sustainable alternative. 

Colours in recycled polyester

All the white and black yarns that we use at the factory are made from recycled PET. As black and white are the most-used colours in labelling, most of our production consists out of recycled yarns. Even the warp of all wefts is recycled.

Next to black and white we offer about 20 colours in recycled polyester. All other colours are taken from our current stock, a conscious and sustainable choice: we first finish our existing stock. Once a colour runs out? Then it's replaced by its recycled version.

Woven labels recycled polyester 

Just as soft as virgin polyester: our woven labels of recycled yarns. The yarns are very thin, meaning that we can even weave the smallest details. A woven label is weather- and wash resistant, making it a sustainable solution for a lifetime. 
See woven labels recycled polyester > 

Printed labels recycled polyester

Also for printed labels we offer a sustainable alternative, made of recycled PET bottles. We print in off-set, for the best result in texts and logo's. Full-colour images or full surface printed labels are made with our digital printer. 
See printed labels recycled polyester >

Sizelabels recycled polyester

Since all our black and white yarns are recycled, our size labels are too. A sustainable option, of which we have all standard sizes on stock in bags of 250 pieces, for only €15 per size. 
See sizelabels recycled polyester >


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